So The Legend Tells – A Short Tale

MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt – “It’s All In The Title”

Choose one or more titles and construct a poem or story around it.

Title:  The Day The Willows Shrieked

The Willow Realm was once a beautiful place to dwell
filled with Special Willows so the legend tells
it was a place of peace and beauty enlightened
with the magical mist of Sun’s light and the Healing Lake
filled with the powers of the Medicinal Angels
Under each Willow Tree was a comforting shade, where
souls weary from life’s journey could lie down and find rest.

Now, these Special Willows were gifted with the ability to comfort
lost and broken souls. These Willows allowed souls to unburden every
darkness known to mankind. Then the souls would cleanse themselves
in the Healing Lake and then rest and rejuvenate to start living again.

As the world grew more and more violent and dark, more and more souls came to the Willow Realm to unburden and heal. But, one day, the Willow Trees became out numbered and overwhelmed by all the souls lost in so much darkness that they could no longer bear the weight of the confessions. Suddenly, the Willow Trees shrieked with such a deafening sound that it shook the entire earth! It caused the hearing to no longer hear and the speaking to mute. The quake of the earth caused the bottom of the Healing Lake to open and swallow the medicinal waters. The magical mist of the Sun’s light turned to ashes of ebony night. The Willow Trees once so fierce and strong, wept the silence of death, so the legend tells.

The Legend Of The Birth

The Daily Post Poetry Prompt – Legend

The Legend Of The Birth

The legend of the Birth
began before the beginning of time
foretold that it would one day be
the Birth to die to save humanity
the Birth would one day come to endure
from miscreants such bitter hostility
yet despite this would bring healing to remedy
the ills of all the lost and broken souls
with a Great Love from days of ole
and now comes the day 25 to celebrate
the Birth that saved humanity’s fate
So let us on bended knee transparent
with hearts washed whiter than snow
come and adore the Birth of the Ancient
knowing the Birth became the Death
that would imbue to souls the Breath
of eternal life through the tragedy
of the Cross that ransomed our malady
So let all souls be raised in thanksgiving
for there is no greater legend on this earth
than the legend of the Birth.

Photo Credit: Etsy