From Loss To Gain

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Frank J. Tassone Haikai Challenge #109 (10/20/19): Scarecrow (kakashi) – Write the haikai poem of your choice (haiku, senryu, haibun, tanka, haiga, renga, etc.) that alludes to the scarecrow (kakashi).

so much has been lost

never to be recaptured


leaving but a scarecrow’s tear

planting a seed for new life

~ * ~

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Waves Of Aches And Tears

Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt – Waves

Use the image below as inspiration to create a post on your own blog… poetry, prose, humour…light or dark, whatever you choose.

Standing on the shore
listening to the sound of gentle waves
I look out to the misty horizon
and find comfort for my misty soul
filled with grief and longing for
a second chance at loving
an innocent, sweet life gone…

A chance to do better than I did
even though I know the second chance
will never come again, so I cry
the tears of longing knowing that
I have let go just a little bit more…

Hoping the deafening silence
of a sweet life gone will
become more quiet
and the ache in my heart
will anguish a little less
each breath will exhale
a peaceful acceptance
and these opaque eyes
will become translucent
to see life after loss
shine bright once more.

Wafting In An Abyss – Freestyle Poem

Jilly’s 28 Days Of Unreason Poetry – Day 8

Write a poem inspired by this quote:

“So I sit on the edge, wagging my feet above the abyss”  – Jim Harrison – from Bridge / Dead Man’s Float

Wafting In An Abyss

Wafting in an abyss
of grief, loss, tears,
oh the unending tears
that are never complete

The daily silence of
a precious life no longer here
tis a deafening silence
aching for it to end

The forgetful moments when
the loss is almost forgotten
then comes the clash of reality
a precious life no longer here

And once again the loud silence
the bellowing ache of “if only”
I could hold you just one more time
drowning in a tsunami of tears…

But life has taught me that
this abyss will not last
and a day, a future day
soon will come my way

And I will rise to sit on the edge
wagging my feet above
the abyss of loss and grief
grateful to have loved and lost

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When The Soul Grieves – Freestyle Poem

The Secret Keeper Weekly Writing Prompt #144

Weekly Writing Challenge #144 – Poetry and/or Flash Fiction Using These 5 Words:


When The Soul Grieves

When the soul grieves
it must not dwell on the loss
and shift into a circle of darkness
for the bond will always remain
and know memories are forever

Instead accept the change
life has brought its way
letting go with tears of love
choosing to live in
a way that honors
the ones who have gone before
paving the way for us
that we may shine the light
for others to follow and live

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Breakup Insanity

MLMM Sunday Writing Prompts – “Breakups”

Breakup Insanity

Breakup to makeup
again and again
a circle of insanity
that never seems to end

Lost in the chaos
refusing to let go
never moving on
to meet your true beau

Was it worth the heartache
the cost to your soul
the loss of friends
to end up all alone

The warning signs were there
but you chose not to see
even when others said beware
you chose not to flee

Now alone in your agony
learn this valuable lesson
there’s a greater love to seek
that comes down from heaven

It will never do you wrong
nor leave you feeling worthless
in your heart it will put a song
and lead you in the way righteous

Then a real love shall come your way
one that will see the beautiful in you
with an eternal promise to always stay
and remain steadfastly faithful and true

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