The Cost

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IWH Haiku/Senryu Challenge #32 – How would you interpret this image below?


faceless, made of wood

they thought clothes would make them men

it cost them their souls

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Listless I Climb

Listless I Climb

These stairs I climb
seem to go on and on
a neverending trudge
to the land of promises
there’s no place to stop
there’s no place to take
a breath and rest to see
if the sun still shines
It seems as though
the promises will never come…
As I continue to climb
with a listless hope
my muscles writhe in anguish
I call for help yet…
silence is the only sound
I keep yearning for a
plateau with a bench
to rest this weary soul and body
but one never comes…
my breath becomes faint
and my eyes grow dim
desperate for light to shine
still, I cannot find the sun
maybe, soon, it will find me
and the promised promises
will finally become a reality
instead of only just a dream
hoped for…
Listless I climb
aching for the promises
to become mine.

Photo Credit:  Pinterest

Lost In A Crowded Room

Bikurgurl 100 Word Wednesday: Week 75

What 100 words would you give this image?

Image by Bikurgurl

Lost in a crowded room
so many people
one talking over the other
how did I get here?

I’d rather be there
where the peace is
and people speak
with indoor voices

I feel the Muse stirring
within…but the
distraction of loud
is so deafening

Can’t hear my Muse
I must try to find
the door to escape
so I can dwell in tranquil

The Muse must speak
I must write so that
the rhythm is not broken
or my spirit will taste death

For a poet to breathe words
the rhythm must flow
throughout their life
without end.