A Clear Mind

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Where the Way leads

one does not know

when walked without

preconceived notions

excitement of adventure

is awakened to 

journey with openness

and receive all 

that is new and

yet to be known


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Untouched Peace

Resting in a place

not seen by open eyes

but by a vision of

the Soul where

air is fresh and

pure to breathe

hearing only nature’s

soothing melody and

her emerald beauty

fills the mind with

peace that is untouched


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Domino Kindle

Written In Response To:

V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #69:  Kindle – How do you ignite motivation when stalled? Or perhaps, you perceive need for a kick start elsewhere.

Ricketts Glen Pennsylvania #travel

kindle a healing

within this body so ill


which kindles inspiration

and regenerates soul’s wings

~ * ~

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