Butterfly Dreams

MLMM Photo Challenge #239

Use the image below as inspiration for a poem or short story.


Butterfly dreams flutter

from the depths of my soul

taking my imagination to heights

beyond and unknown

Causing my heart

to yearn for what is

humanly impossible to

achieve on one’s own merit

It is there that the soul

collides with the power of faith

and soars to great heights, depths

widths and lengths

Knowing no limitations

these are butterfly dreams

that have been…

kissed by Divinity!

Photo Credit:  – Kelogsloops @ Instagram

The Higher Compass

The Daily Post – Compass

The Higher Compass

Changing directions
yet going nowhere
ending where it begins
a maze of circles…

Always seeking something more
to awaken washed ashore
drowning in lonely sorrows
hoping for better tomorrows

Running after empty pleasures
left with only costume treasures
desiring only what is real
a fulfillment ethereal

Only one place left to look
deep within the soul’s nook
it is there that it will come to pass
to hear the voice of The Higher Compass

Photo Credit: Pinterest