In The Daylight Of Songs

Jilly’s 28 Days Of Unreason Poetry – Day 24

Write a poem inspired by this quote:

“Saw a poem float by just beneath the surface.”  Jim Harrison  from Songs of Unreason  

In The Daylight Of Songs.jpg

I awakened to a vision
of a poem floating by
just beneath the surface
of my heart calling my name
with its ache pleading with me
not to ignore it any longer
by letting it float on by…

For if I did a piece of my heart would die
because the lyrics of a poem
are the poet’s heartbeat and its
rhythm must always dance to
avoid the silence of a deadly trance

Now the ink of a poet’s pen
is liquid gold in the lyrist’s hand
scribed eternal like rare jewels
unique to each muse’s longhand

Beneath the surface is not
where this inspiration belongs
but in the daylight of songs.

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