Rare Jewel

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V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #81 – Regulars – There is a kind of comfort in the familiarity of regulars.  To participate, create a post on your own site and link back here or drop a link to your post in the comments. All are welcome. This challenge lends itself to photography, writing, or music.

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #64 – Every Wednesday I post a photo.  You respond with something CREATIVE.

Each week the Elders

gather together as a symbol

of trust for the townspeople

a tradition that has been

carried on for over a century

giving strength to this town

hope to the people that they

have always been able to 

rely on and come together

as a whole to weather life

and not lose their integrity

through division by pride

instead remain a humble town

that does more than just survive

they continue to flourish

a priceless and rare jewel

in this world’s scarcity of humility.



Foreseen Not Fate

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Word Of The Day Challenge – Sanguine

Your Daily Word Prompt – Ecstatic – November 20, 2019

Sadje’s What Do You See #4 – Does this picture inspire you to write something?

An ecstatic vision

of what I could become

if I allow my prideful ways

to always be the outcome

a frightening thought to be seen

yet at the same time

a sanguine blessing foreseen

warning me of my soul’s decay

should I not choose to comply 

and follow in a humble way

lest this be the way I die

~ * ~

The Vain Of Pride

Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt #63 – Crumble

The length of your poem / prose must match the number of 88 words stated in this week’s challenge. No more. No less.

The Vain Of Pride

In the vain of pride
comes a death inside
a crumble of one’s soul
dying one day at a time
the constant thought of self
leaves one parched like
a desert with no oasis
with an insatiable hunger
for things with no sustenance
and when all has been achieved
tis but a vainglory momentary
leaving the soul a cemetery
upon unhallowed ground
where no hope can be found…

In this look to the skies
where light is shone
upon the crumbled soul
and there one shall find life!

Photo Credit:  Pinterest

Upside Down Shadow

MLMM Photo Challenge #218

Use image below as inspiration for a poem or short story.


– Duks Visuals

When an upside down shadow
overcasts the soul
the view from its eye
becomes skewed and mystified
misinterpreting what it sees
and hears contorting truth
causing resentment’s seed
to take root in the heart
and grow a tree of hatred…

If allowed to become firmly planted
dark will be the heart
blind, deaf, a spirit of death
unable to know love…

The one power that gives breath
and freedom to live beyond
the stagnancy of pride’s abscond.

The Child Of Leviathan

This poem is inspired from Job 41 (AMP 2015)

The Child Of Leviathan

Fierce is this monster Pride
for it will lead to spiritual suicide
Pride’s heart is as hard as stone
from it no light has ever shone
it is a creature made without fear
destined to destroy the courageous peer

It hates those who divinely love
and is intimidated by forgiveness
it rebukes the generosity of kindness
and seeks to slay with spoken word
it earnestly hungers for gentle spirits to kill
for this is Pride’s will
that it feel powerful and ferocious
like a conqueror thunderous

But this will not last long
with each step Pride takes to rise
is another step to the spirit’s demise
traveling deeper into the depths of Sheol

But there is an Ancient One of days ole
the only One who can conquer
this self-evolved cataclysmic monster
if the name of the Ancient One is spoken
this monster will finally see destruction
and from the ashes will rise Humility
now Pride’s former victims will know its servility

So the moral of this story:
Never allow Pride to become your glory!

Photo Credit:  500ish Words

In Truth And Deed

1 John 3-18

So much cruelty in the world
breaking and grieving the heart
sometimes…it seems as though…
the sadness will never depart

But there is a Hope to be found
in the Grace that grants new sight
the Strength within that can abound
and raise us up into Beautiful Might

To shine Divinity upon the world’s despair
and help the world know through kindness
that there is the Heart that does care
and desires to heal the brokenness

And know the Joy that brings life
the Love that ends sorrow and strife
the Victory that conquers the world
the Power that defeats the dark one who kills

So with a Love from days of ole
let us not love merely in word alone
but let us love in Truth and deed
and plant in this world Salvation’s Seed.

Photo Credit: Bible Hub

The Prickles Of The Soul

Rachel Cactus

This poem was inspired by the Word Of The Day – “Prickle.”

The prickles of the soul
are sin from days of ole
prickles of hate, anger and pain
fear, despair and pride’s bane

Leaving no room for Light Divine
turning one into a rabid bovine
causing the tongue to rape and murder
instead of allowing words of Love to bestir

These prickles can only be removed by The Blood
that will penetrate our hearts with a healing flood
of Perfect Love casting all darkness out
and putting an end to our spiritual drought

One by one each prickle shall die
and in Beauty we shall come alive
for the Eternal One is our Friend
therefore in darkness we shall never die again!

Praise to The One who gave it all
Praise to The One who stands us tall
Praise to The One whose love is crimson pure
and whose Word is always steadfastly sure! Amen!

Photo Credit: My Daily Bread Body And Soul