We Are Too Strong – Prose & Haiku

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Helene’s Weekly Challenge Prompt June 11, 2019:  What Do You See? –  write a post on your own blog,  your choice of poetry or a story.


A remembrance from the past

statue made of stone symbolizing

her face coupled in her hands and

bound by the serpent’s strength

that she not be remembered for

the Warrior Spirit she once was

instead a faceless, void spirit that

he wants forgotten by all

but to the serpents dismay

she lives on through each

generation of Warrior Women Survivors

and she is seen and remembered

by all who encounter us…

enemy attempts

to destroy the survivors

but we are too strong

~ * ~

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The Prison Of Silent Screams

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Your Daily Word Prompt – Association – April 22, 2019

Word Of The Day Challenge – Fort

Long days, lonely nights. Too bad we're not allowed to scream ~Prince (artist unknown)

For many years she hid inside

The fort she built around her mind

To protect herself from the sharp tongues

Of the people who always surrounded her

And no one ever knew about her

Secret associations with voices from

Other realms of darkness and torment

She always appeared strong, confident,

Successful at whatever she strived to accomplish

It was how she survived the atrocities

Of her violent, degrading childhood

She was never allowed to speak about the

Devastation committed against her soul and body

Then one day, a tragedy happened that unleashed

The walls of her fort to become completely destroyed

It was then the voices from the other realms

Were able to take full control of her mind

Pulling her in so many directions and emotions that

It left her locked away in a prison of silent screams.

~ * ~

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Word From A Grateful Heart…

Word From A Grateful Heart

Many years ago I once suffered from a paralyzing form of PTSD for 18yrs because of all the violence and defilement I grew up in.  One of the side effects I struggled with was anxiety attacks that often times made it hard to breathe.  I used a lot of guided meditation to help get my breathing back on track again.  Now, by God’s redeeming grace, I am loosed from PTSD and its plethora of side effects.  Today, I remain one accord with the Spirit that is His breath and I am grateful for the ease of breathing and the gift of remembering to take moments throughout the day to be still and breathe! 

Please share with me in the comment section: What are you grateful for today?

Much Love & Many Blessings,


Photo Credit:  Yavanna