A Pivotal Moment

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A meager slumber

toils the mind from

too many thoughts

clamped tightly within

speech becomes muted

unable to release thoughts

left in the unknown

with unanswered questions

awaiting Wisdom’s whisper

of guidance…

a pivotal moment

do I ride the waves on

Patience’s surfboard

– OR –

let these thoughts become

tsunamis that drown me…

in this moment I choose 

Patience inspired by 

lessons learned from

past tsunamis – 

all questions will be answered and

all things will work out for the good

– IN –

God’s perfect timing!

~ * ~

Image credit: @avogado6 on Twitter

Beyond The Mist

Beyond The Mist

In the early
morning mist
is where I leave
my questions of

As I wait for
the mist to clear
and bring clarity
to my soul’s tear
that the ache
may rest and…

Move on into
the unknown destiny
awaiting me
beyond the mist…

Where promises are
fulfilled by the
Promise Keeper…

Where life shall be
abundant and full
and poverty- a thing
of the past…

Where love will
cross my path—
beyond the mist

Photo Credit:  Pinterest