Exhale The Madness

In Response To:

Word Of The Day Challenge – Illusion

Your Daily Word Prompt – Linger – January 10, 2021

When illusions linger

they shadow the astute vision

truth becomes distorted

lost in a mirage of denial

the mind going in circles…

close eyes…be still…breathe

inhale an Ancient Wisdom

exhale the madness

embrace Peace to

reign the soul

~ * ~

Photo 1 Courtesy of Pinterest

Photo 2 Courtesy of Pinterest

The Shadow Of A Soul’s Hand

Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt #37 – Misgivings

Poetry Challenge: Taking your inspiration from both the photo prompt and the word prompt, write a 6 line poem where each line is no more than 6 words long.

Word Prompt: Misgivings

Photo Prompt:

the shadow of a soul’s hand
can be deceptive to the eye
for the shade can cause misgivings
hiding who its master really is
leaving one to decipher its truth
to discern the heart of man