Garden Of Secrets – Prose & Mirror Cinquain

Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt #47 – Vibrant

Prose Challenge – Your character finds themselves in a world where everything is bright and vibrantly colored – or perhaps the opposite, where the world is in monochrome.  You choose.  In 150 words tell us where they are, how they got there and what they are going to do next.

Poetry Challenge – Write a non-rhyming poem in no more than 10 lines, that is inspired by the word and photo prompt.

Word Prompt : Vibrant

Photo Prompt:


It was at midnight she awakened in the Garden of Secrets
where everything is black and white and vibrant hues of hope
and joy cannot shine in the prison of shame, a prison she entered
as a young girl by the touches of a father who said he loved her. By his lies she kept his secrets for fear that no one would believe her until it rotted her soul; for every man who said he loved her she believed and she would be defiled again and again leaving her to lay down and die within.
Now a grown woman so desperate to be free and know a love so pure
she knows she must tell her secrets to the Light so that her soul may breathe
to inhale life and rise from these haunting shadows that have followed her all of her life…Truth, has now set her free…

10 Line Non-rhyming Poem (Mirror Cinquain)

his lies
causing her death
unable to live free
imprisoned in breath-taking shame
set free from the shame that bound her
living a vibrant life
redeemed to soar
her truth