Her Face

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What Do You See #136 – May 30, 2022

A cut soul bleeds

stained tears upon 

her face

a betrayal so deep

words cannot express

her face

the completed masterpiece

sorrow’s beauty

~ * ~

Image credit; Muhammed Hassan Unsplash

Pilgrimage Of Unknown Grace

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Frank J. Tassone Haikai Challenge #119 (12/28/19): New Year (Shinnen) – This week, write the #haikai poem of your choice (haiku, senryu, haibun, tanka, haiga, renga) that alludes to the New Year (Shinnen), be it New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, the new year in general, etc.

"Old Fall River Road" Rocky Mountain National Park - Colorado Light Dancing

life’s joys and sorrows

hopes, dreams and new beginnings

promises to come

expectations and let downs

in all these things are blessings

to behold in the New Year

~ * ~

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Tears Of Light

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BrewNSpew Cafe – Word Of The Week Challenge – Weekly Prompt – Let’s add a little twist to the challenge based on the quote by Hosea Ballou. You may use the quote or any part of it and/or the image for this week’s prompt. Stay cool and out of the heat and most of all have fun!

Tears of joy are like the summer rain drops pierced by sunbeams.
– Hosea Ballou.

tears of joy, tears of sorrow

Light pierces all drops of rain

that are shed by the soul

joy is borne from sweet sorrows wept

weeping is soul’s path to healing 

~ * ~


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A Vagabond Soul

Written In Response To:

Word Of The Day Challenge – Vagabond

Your Daily Word Prompt May 16, 2019 – Fortitude

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #87 – I give you a choice between two pictures. You can choose any one, or write two separate pieces for both, and link up.

I am using both photos for one piece.

A vagabond soul travels down dark corridors

seeking to find her purpose in this life

though year after year no answers come and

every so often she stops to look outside the window

to watch the people below on the streets enjoying…

friends, family, lovers…engaging life to the full

with a purpose for living, loving, and being loved…

she is happy for them but can’t help crying inside

wondering why she was never given these blessings

yet…in the depths of her sorrow she finds the

fortitude to continue to keep pressing on in the

hope that these blessings will one day be hers too

even though no one has ever taught her about hope

and has really never had a reason to hope since childhood

still, it is there, deep in her core as she has survived

a design for her life that has not been her desire,

her dream for the last two-thirds of her life and

she cannot help but ask…Has this hope led her astray?

~ * ~

Photo #1 Credit:  Prachika Saxena

Photo #2 Credit:  Prabhakar

This Gift From God

Related image

Rain so beautiful

soothing the soul

of pain taken hold

~ * ~

Anger at the injustice

in this world

that will never end

until this world

has become new again

~ * ~

Holding on to this promise

at times is so hard

defeating the spirit

until surrender is unbarred

~ * ~

Then wailing the sadness

of the sorrows seen

and burden of cares

is released into unseen

~ * ~

In the light of a new morn

with hearts no longer torn

we fill with a strength

to go the length

and stand to advocate

for broken souls left devostate

~ * ~

Photo Credit:  wikipedia.org

The Higher Compass

The Daily Post – Compass

The Higher Compass

Changing directions
yet going nowhere
ending where it begins
a maze of circles…

Always seeking something more
to awaken washed ashore
drowning in lonely sorrows
hoping for better tomorrows

Running after empty pleasures
left with only costume treasures
desiring only what is real
a fulfillment ethereal

Only one place left to look
deep within the soul’s nook
it is there that it will come to pass
to hear the voice of The Higher Compass

Photo Credit: Pinterest