Silence, Sweet Silence

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Ragtag Daily Prompt – Silence – Friday, February 5, 2021


how sweet the sound

where Love is found

Truth is revealed

Wisdom answers questions

confusion nulled by Clarity

the soul

fills with Charity

and an 

undisturbable Peace

~ * ~

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Truly Awakened

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V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #58:  Just When I Thought… – Life seldom unfolds in straight lines. It’s not necessary to repeat the prompt phrase, but this week let’s think about the times when life has turned an abrupt corner, or caught us off guard.  

Light Motiffs II Thursday Inspiration 14 -This week’s theme is fragile and the picture is below.

Thursday Inspiration

Just when I thought this heart

could not become any more fragile

the Hand that holds it breaks

this heart to shatter into depths

of a Love that I never knew

could be so rooted to contain…

Mitchell Falls - in the Kimberly region (northeast of Perth, kind of nowhere)

Loving and forgiving beyond

heights, lengths, and widths

I never desired to go beyond…

just when I thought is when

I became truly awakened.

~ * ~

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Photo Credit#2:  Pinterest



This poem is from my collection called “A Beautiful Soul Flawed.”

A Beautiful Soul Flawed 1

Wondering about the mysteries of God
sometimes healing, sometimes silent
as I seek Him to heal what is flawed
even when I am being repentant

His silence is a form of trust
as is the suffering we endure
to hear Him speak for this I lust
and healing from suffering I desire to procure

Sometimes His ways do not make sense
while trying to understand causes confusion
this is where I must let go with faith
and not lose myself in trying to reason

The whys of His silent ways
or His timing that seems so still
instead trust in Him for all my days
knowing it is always good to be in His will

This the gift from God
to a soul so beautifully flawed.

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