The Love Train

In Response To:

Your Daily Word Prompt – Liven – January 5, 2021

Sadje’s What Do You See #63Does this picture inspire you to write something?

Alas, the sun has set

upon this once vibrant 

train station

alive with souls traveling 

the same destination

until suddenly the world

took a turn for the worst

turning to violent rebellion

over things only seen by

the carnal mind that 

aspires to nothing higher

than a hostile, self-centered,

and selfish state-

a spiritual death…

But we can liven this death

by leaving behind the carnal mind

and reboarding the Love Train

traveling the same destination

to a Higher Mind of Love

All are welcome!

~ * ~

Image credit; Rodrigo Curi @ Unsplash

Free Will

In Response To:

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #60 – Every Wednesday I post a photo.  You respond with something CREATIVE.

Behind the steel bars

is a tunnel that leads to

a prison of lost dreams,

deferred hope, abandoned faith

endless wandering through

mazes that can only be felt

for in this there is no sight…

until weariness meets humility

and the soul’s patina becomes 

new again unlocking the bars

setting free what was once

drowning in the sewage of despair.

Life can begin again at any time,

any moment of the day, by choice.

~ * ~

The Vain Of Pride

Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt #63 – Crumble

The length of your poem / prose must match the number of 88 words stated in this week’s challenge. No more. No less.

The Vain Of Pride

In the vain of pride
comes a death inside
a crumble of one’s soul
dying one day at a time
the constant thought of self
leaves one parched like
a desert with no oasis
with an insatiable hunger
for things with no sustenance
and when all has been achieved
tis but a vainglory momentary
leaving the soul a cemetery
upon unhallowed ground
where no hope can be found…

In this look to the skies
where light is shone
upon the crumbled soul
and there one shall find life!

Photo Credit:  Pinterest