Asleep In Silence

IWH Haiku Challenge #9

 How would you interpret this image below?

pasted image 0

the subconscious mind

lays muted without her mask

asleep in silence

~ * ~

her conscious mind sleeps

upon her tattered soul’s pain

unaware of it

~ * ~

together they show

lack of fulfillment within

to a higher love


Fantasy Futile?

Tuesday Weekly Challenge – What Do You See? – February 26, 2019


She stands in a dream

and sees her fantasy

a big beautiful castle

upon a mountain legacy

~ * ~

On a full moon night

it shines so bright

as big as a dream can

In the subconscious of a human

~ * ~

But will her fantasy come true

to live in her heart’s desire castle

filled with warm light and love’s hue

or will it always be…a fantasy futile?