Broken So Beautiful – Remembering Bella

The Daily Post – Broken

Bella Showing Blue Eyes_Fotor

“Blue-eyed Bella”

Born: over 14yrs ago

Adopted: February 4, 2014

Laid to cross the Rainbow Bridge to freedom:

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

My heart has been broken
in the most beautiful way
an opportunity to love one
that was once a stray

A unique personality
that was all her own
a spritely joy given
this blessing from heaven

She sang to me every morning
and a smile blessed my heart
her mesmerizing blue eyes
had me from the start

I didn’t know much about
her previous years of life
all that mattered to me
she was now mine to delight

She loved me in her
own special way
precious moments shared
in my heart they will always stay

Our time together was short
only fours years to make the best
before our time to part
for her eternal rest

Oh the abundance
in such a short time
grateful for this dance
of love, laughter, and tears sublime

A joy so full, a joy complete
a love always unending
and the peace of knowing
from suffering she is free!