Volcano’s Rage – Cinquain

NaPoWriMo Challenge 2019 – Day 12

The Haunted Wordsmith Genre Writing Challenge & Elemental Writing Challenge

For The Genre Challenge: The purpose of this challenge is to push ourselves to dip our toes in other genres than we normally write in. The form of writing is up to you.   

Today’s genre: Cinquain Poem

Today’s image: Your Choice

For The Elemental Challenge: For this challenge, we will explore one of the four elements: air, earth, water, fire.  This week’s focus is Fire. Simply use the word and/or image provided and be inspired by the natural element.

Today’s prompt and image: lava


volcano’s rage

fueled by the fire within

water’s cooling forms crystal jewels


~ * ~

Photo Credit:  WikiImages from Pixabay



Eternal Life’s Bouquet

Eternal Life's Bouquet

More cleansing of the scabs
that can blind the spiritual eye
another awakening to the Truth
that will always defy the enemy’s lie

Freedom from the demons within
a Precious Light chasing away the darkness
cleansing out the darkened sin
leaving the soul tranquil in righteousness

There is no better way for the soul to grow
then to surrender fully to The Way
filled with truth that will always show
the glory of Eternal Life’s bouquet

This the gift from God
to a soul so beautifully flawed!

Photo Credit: AliExpress