Envisioning Herself To Hope

Nature, Landscape, Away, Pond, Park Bench, Sky, Clouds

She envisions herself

sitting on the bench

basking in the sun while she waits

for this long Winter to

be done and gone

~ * ~

Winter has been beautiful but

has gone on and on for

far too long and it is now time

for Spring to shine its dawn

~ * ~

The same holds true for

her soul’s Winter season

that the darkness has

finally passed and to know

her soul shall finally fill

with Love’s warm glow

~ * ~

To light the way to

more prosperous days

As she sits on the bench

envisioning herself to hope

~ * ~

Photo Credit:  pixabay

A Realm Within The Soul

Snow Falling Desktop Backgrounds Nature

In a realm within the soul

there is a place where one can wander

aimlessly, seeking a way out

of the confusion

~ * ~

Listening but hearing only silence

feeling one’s way around

unable to see through like

being caught in a vast snow storm

~ * ~

This realm, can seem so endless

calling out for help, listening

with every fiber of being

for a response…

~ * ~

But oh, the deafening silence

that turns up the volume of

the voices of fear and doubt

feeling so alone, so disconnected

~ * ~

Desperately aching for someone to care

to be heard and not feel crazy inside

oh this seemingly unending realm

how and when is the way out to clarity…

~ * ~

Be still and know…Wisdom will guide the way.

~ * ~

Photo Credit:  NaturesPIcWallpaper 

The Longing Ache Of Soul

You Shall Have Homes, N.C. Wyeth (1928)

In the soul where war can rage

Sits a desperate yearning for peace

Peace on this earth and

Peace in God’s houses for…

Hate to turn to love and

Fleeting happiness to turn to

An eternal joy that is strength

For tongues to speak Love’s Wisdom

Instead of darkness that rapes a soul

~ * ~

The longing, the desiring, the aching

For this to be–Is it futile to hope

For the reverence that once was

In days past?  Shall it ever be again?

One can ache, one can long, one can hope

And desire to be the light that shines

Through this controversy…

~ * ~

Yet it will demand a great strength

To love against the majority and stand

For the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Photo Credit:  Toko-Pa 

Long Winter’s Night

MLMM Photo Challenge #244


In the cold and bitter

long Winter’s night

her soul filled with

such bloody pain


Not even noticing the

bitter cold, awaits…

for the Stranger to come

and meet her…


For many have promised

if she would wait faithfully

the Stranger would appear

and comfort her fear


Fill her devoid soul with love

and the Light would dawn

upon her darkness…


Yet, many a year has come and gone

the Stranger never came

now each day her spirit

slowly dies in the barren

Winter’s night…


With no purpose for living

For without love…what is the point?