Aimlessly Found

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FOWC With Fandango – Trip

Word Of The Day Challenge – Random

Your Daily Word Prompt – Elevate – November 17, 2019

"Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye."

wandering alone

looking for purpose in life


she randomly took a trip

into the silent unknown

and found elevated Love

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Sanctuary – Haiku

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V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #47:  In-Between – Create a post, leave a link, and share and celebrate the works of others.

IWH Haiku/Senryu Challenge #18 – How would you interpret this image below?


transparent woman

wandering in-between realms

for sanctuary

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The Great Mist’s By And By

The Great Mist's By And By

This land where I walk
is filled with a Great Mist
so much so that I can not see
where my next step will take me

I’ve been lost in this place
for a very long time
trying to find my way back
to the season of the Sun’s rising

I have been wandering for so long
that my heart no longer has a song
and my joy is now only sorrow
weeping for it to end in each new morrow

But with each new day my soul
continues to pour forth its rain
with a torment of unending pain
drowning in a flood of no reprieve

There are moments where it seems
that this Great Mist will begin to lift
so I take my next blind step
and again I begin to drift

Oh, my weary soul just wants to lay down and sleep
and never again know this seemingly unending weep
while waiting for Love to hear my piercing cry
in this land of The Great Mist’s by and by.

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