Hello!  My name is Deborah and welcome to my blog!  I am glad you are here.  I am a woman who is in her late 50’s and has gone through many trials and tribulations, testing, much pain and healing.  And through these processes I have gained wisdom through healing, for as they say; “our pain is our wisdom.”  All are welcome here and I hope you will be willing to share your journeys with me.  The only requirement I have is that all sharing is kind, loving, and supportive.  Much Love & Sweet Blessings, Deborah


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  1. Thank you! I am looking forward to sharing our walks also. You might remember me as “awomansaved” when I was on WordPress before I became too sick to keep up with maintaining my blog. We shared out walks through poetry and I hope we will share that and so much more! Sweet Blessings my Sister, Deborah


      • Thank you so much!
        I haven’t posted a lot of poetry. I started blogging mainly for family. I then was requested to review books, and that’s pretty much all I do now. I’m hoping after the first of the year to set up a blog just for reviews so that I can get back to dong my poems and other blogs that aren’t just reviews.
        I’m so glad we connected!

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  2. I was so encouraged to find another poet posting Christian poetry from ‘Streams in the Desert’.

    That devotional is one of the reasons I started to love old school faith-based poetry !
    I invite you to check my blog when you can and God bless your lyrical endeavors.

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  3. Hello and welcome to 100 Word Wednesdays! I’m happy to see you here — I think there is so much power in telling our stories and am so glad you’ve decided to join our happy little Writing Community 🙂

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  4. Hi Bikurgurl! I must say I am quite surprised that you took the time to welcome me like this! Most do not do that and I am so grateful to see such sweetness! This morning started out quite rough but you have shined light into it! I agree wholeheartedly about the power of words and I am glad I was led to join your happy Writing Community! Thank you, Deborah 😀 ❤


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