The Open Door

MLMM Tale Weaver #169 – Through The Portal

The Open Door

One day as I went for my usual walk in the forest, a very strange thing happened to me. Instead of walking on my regular path I was supernaturally led to another path I had never walked before. I stopped when I saw this open door. I looked beyond the open door and saw this beautiful, warm, Golden Light calling me. I also noticed a dove sitting upon the frame of the door. I sensed it was no ordinary dove but a Guiding Spirit waiting to lead me into a new and different realm. So I surrendered to the Guiding Spirit’s invitation to cross through the portal.

When we arrived the Golden Light…
was so warm and kind
my soul filled with a peace divine
there was no sense of time
Oh what a new freedom sublime
here there are no more fears
and dry is the soul’s well of tears
there is no more pain, sorrow or anguish
no more diseases to cause one to languish
there is no more darkness and cruelty
nor spiritual and physical brutality
instead, one is able to know tranquil rest
and with the Greatest Love one is bequest…

Then the Guiding Spirit began to lead me back through the portal to this earth. I then became so saddened for I did not want to leave this place that was too good to be true and all I had known for the short time I was there. But the Guiding Spirit sensed what I was feeling for I was too overwhelmed to speak. It was then the Guiding Spirit assured me that what I experienced is an eternal promise seared into my heart and will always remain true for all time.

Photo Credit:  Pinterest

5 thoughts on “The Open Door

  1. That’s a great response to this prompt. It would be wonderful to think such a place was there waiting for us. Thanks so much for adding your thoughts to this week’s tale weaver. And I love the image you used.

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