The Child Of Leviathan

This poem is inspired from Job 41 (AMP 2015)

The Child Of Leviathan

Fierce is this monster Pride
for it will lead to spiritual suicide
Pride’s heart is as hard as stone
from it no light has ever shone
it is a creature made without fear
destined to destroy the courageous peer

It hates those who divinely love
and is intimidated by forgiveness
it rebukes the generosity of kindness
and seeks to slay with spoken word
it earnestly hungers for gentle spirits to kill
for this is Pride’s will
that it feel powerful and ferocious
like a conqueror thunderous

But this will not last long
with each step Pride takes to rise
is another step to the spirit’s demise
traveling deeper into the depths of Sheol

But there is an Ancient One of days ole
the only One who can conquer
this self-evolved cataclysmic monster
if the name of the Ancient One is spoken
this monster will finally see destruction
and from the ashes will rise Humility
now Pride’s former victims will know its servility

So the moral of this story:
Never allow Pride to become your glory!

Photo Credit:  500ish Words

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